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Join us at City Church on Broadway by the Airport:


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There are many facets, and even understanding that has yet to be given, regarding the apostolic ministry center the Lord wants to see raised up in San Antonio. Because of this there are many, many perspectives and even expectations for a vision of this magnitude. It is easy to be distracted by these and lose sight of our first love, which is ministry unto the Father. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God. Before we can ever reach our city, or even our own homes for that matter, we must first reach out to God. This is why we know that in the center of this effort resides a home for the tabernacle of David. This is our common ground for all who say Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. This is our rallying point! The tabernacle of David, prayer and worship, is our sole foundation for this effort. Much more will transpire afterwards but not without this foundation first. Exalt God and everything else will fall!

The August 48 hour BURN event is a rallying point and cry that exclaims our desire to have a 24/7 House of Prayer for this region where all that profess the name of Jesus can come and seek Him with prayer and worship. If this is your same desire please join us August 23-25! We would love to meet you! 


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